It Was a Good Weekend!

I went into town (Langley City) to hang with some friends. The weather was very hot, and the city/town was packed with people that just seemed like they were just driving around, kind of like what we were doing too. In all, the weekend went by way too fast, but I guess that only means I was having a very good time. To top it all off, the whole up coming week will be like this, super hot, full of sun, just jumping right into summer. It appears that we could have a early summer this year–fingers crossed.

Spread Your Seeds May 5 2013 small image

Even at 6:00pm (the time I am typing this out) it is still very warm, at 25C. Last but I found I was having a hard time sleeping becuase it was too warm inside. I wanted to leave a window open, but I knew that the it would get cool at night, and sure enough I had to turn the furnace on before I got out of bed–it was that cold.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, even though I have to go to work for a short 8:00am to Noon shift. I will be spending the rest of the day down at the river because a friend of mind wants me to shoot him water skiing using his 100-600mm zoom lens that he bought. I call it the pervert lens because you see a person’s face up to 4km away with it. We will see how that goes.

The photo I call, “Spread Your Seeds, You Mean, Mean, Weed..” It is like a 1000ISO, shot with my 200mm, showing interesting bokeh.

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