I Call It “Ubutnu Orange”

A new colour from my mystery plants sprouting up in the flowerbed, and I call it, wait for it…., Ubuntu Orange. What is sad is that I have mistakenly been cutting these plants out of the flowerbed thinking that they were weeds. Remember, this is my first season living here, and I have no idea what has been planted by the former occupants, so it is a live and learn experience, and there were casualties from this. Every flower that blooms is a total surprise for me, and I have been getting lots of surprises here.

Ubuntu Orange Coloured Flowers-May 7 2013 small image

Let me know if you agree that this guy’s colour is close to Ubuntu Orange?

I guess this post will only make sense to those who use open source LINUX flavoured Ubuntu. Anyway, orange is a nice colour in the flowerbed. I should have about thirty of these guys very soon.

One Thought on “I Call It “Ubutnu Orange”

  1. Yes, this is a nice orange. I actually recently bought a summer top in the medium shade of it on this flower. 😀 LOL at the “mystery plants” reference and of course I can relate as I mentioned in another post of those tulips just sprouting up and not knowing what is a weed or what is a flower back there since it’s my first spring living here. I’m glad I didn’t get weeding yet as some pretty little purple flowers on vines have now appeared. I will add some flowers too hopefully soon though.

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