More On These Orange Flowers: Fancy Shooting in the RAW

I had a chance to unload my photo gear out of my SUV today, to sort it out, and put things back to where they belong. It is amazing when you discover things that you packed months ago, and then find them again; things that were in plain sight the whole time, but just placed in a unmarked bag or box. My (high-key) backdrops were such items that I had searched for in the past, but gave up, thinking that I left them at previous locations done last year. So, back to these orange flowers that look so cool, and needed a better photo-shoot to show them off.

Orange Flower 03 sm image

With a folding camping chair, and my black (high-key) back-drop, which I draped over the chair, and a tripod for camera, I shot these right out in the flowerbed. Yes, the flowers were never harmed–which is important for me because I like keeping everything as it was when I do these shots. The light is one-hundred percent natural.

Orange Flower 02 sm image

I also shot these in RAW format. Shooting in RAW files gives me way more data to work with when doing the post editing work on these photos. Normally I try and give only a shot that are natural, and you see them as I post them, but these needed work, to give them that professional look and quality you see in graphic art work.

Orange Flower 01 sm image

I shot all three images with a 30mm Macro lens, using my Sony A33 camera. The post editing was done on DarkTable (using a LINUX 64bit machine) Ubuntu 12.04. I also used GIMP to resize these images for the web site, and to watermark them too.

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