Two More Fancy Photos To Post

After I shot the orange flowers, using the black back drop, I decided to follow up with some of the earlier shots I did before, but this time using the same black drop idea. Instead of using the flat-black muslin that I used first, I remember that my photographer’s reflector has a black fabric side on it, and it is round–way better to work with with one hand. So…

Rhododendron May 8 2013 sm image

Rhododendron flower, and…

Apple Tree Blossom May 8 2013 sm image

a apple tree blossom.

These are looking by far more professional than my previous shots with these same plants.

ADDED May 9, 2013:

Purple Tiny Bell Shaped Flowers May 9 2913 sm image

I thought I would add this one into this post too becuase it is the same type of shot, using the black back-drop, but shooting a different set of plants.

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