Voted! Happy, Proud, and Hoping for Change!

I spent some time after work to vote, casting my ballot at the designated advance voting station in Aldergrove, BC. Since I am working (for Elections BC) I have to vote early becuase I cannot vote during the event for obvious reasons: I cannot leave my post during the election, as I will be taking peoples’ ballots as they vote. As usual, I am stoked to have the opportunity to vote.

Voted - BC Election-Advanced Voting -  May 10 2013 sm image

And as a token of Elections BC, I received the “I Voted” sticker to wear proudly on my shirt, and show everyone that I participated in democracy.

When I arrived at the voting station, I was surprised at how many people were also arriving to vote. In British Columbia, advanced voting stations have been open since May 8, 2013, from 8:00am until 8:00pm, and operate up until tomorrow, May 11, 2013. So, if today was an average day for people coming out and voting early, then this means that voter turnout for advanced voting in BC could be huge. The election, for those who may not know at this time, is on May 14, 2013; that will be the day for voting, the general election.

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