Patio, or Swimming Pool?

I had some friends over for a lunch event today, but as soon as they got here, the rain got worse, so we called it off. The weather went from a week and a half of blissful very warm sunshine, to periods of pounding rain and water levels raising everywhere here in the valley since yesterday. I am not complaining as the temperatures, both day and night, have been very above seasonal, so, at least I can live with that, but the flooding is what is worrying me right now. Hot weather melting the snow inland, and now this, lots of rain, this could be a recipe of flooding here.

Soaked Patio Deck May 12 2013 sm image

At one point today, it rained so hard that leaves were getting torn from the trees.

Fort Langley Alder Acers May 12 2013 sm image

I wish I had my telephoto 400mm lens with me when I took this shot (I only have my 30mm). Way back, up against the hill, there where hundreds, of what seemed like seagulls, flying in swarms. I could just make them out, but the noise they were making was unbelievable.

I took the bottom photo looking across the property called “Alder Acres” which is just down the road from my place, looking South. The first (top) photo is my patio deck during one of the downpours of rain which kept coming in waves all day.

One Thought on “Patio, or Swimming Pool?

  1. Yes, it was a rainy Mother’s Day for me, but I’m so glad my daughter and her boyfriend braved the weather to visit!

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