Why Zippy the Wonder Slug is So Happy

I had a chance to venture outside with the camera to the “lower 40,” as my landlord calls it. The water has risen. The cause of the minor flooding is not from all the rain, but from the Fraser River slowly rising in its annual flooding season. What impressed me the most from all this water is the wildlife, including thousands of black slugs in the grass.

Zippy The Wonder Slug May 13 2013 sm image

There were a hand full of slugs crossing the road too, but this one was creeping up the bank, to the side of the road, so I shot him with the camera.

Glenn Valley 01 May 13 2013 sm image

The name of this creek is called West Creek, named after my landlord’s family. This sort of gives you an idea of how long their family has lived on this land.

Glenn Valley 02 May 13 2013 sm image

I am hoping that with all of this water, the mosquito population does not explode. I remember last year very well–Fort Langley was just one big swarm of these little pests.

So, to answer why Zippy the Wonder Slug is so happy; it is the moisture and warm weather that seems to make these guys go nuts, and travel along the road where the ground is nice and warm. I have only seen this many slugs in one area before in my life, and that was when I was living up in Terrace, BC. I just might have to keep a salt-shaker handy if they creep on my home.

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