Catching Up: The Week In Review

This post is just me catching on some topics that I wanted to post about but did not have time until now, so I am reviewing the week gone by. This last week was super busy for me. The Election BC gig, from last Tuesday, and then the two very important job interviews I had, then dealing with current medical issues (my eyes), to a would-be scammer that I followed up with the police. In all, some exciting stuff.

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The highlight of the week was my job as an Election Clerk. I did post that event, and I still look back at the day with the satisfaction of doing something wonderful. Please read my post from May 15, 2013, about that day. Working that event did wear me right out, but I worked from the high of the experience throughout the rest of the week becuase of that. I did not think I could survive the sitting for twelve hours straight, but I did it; however, even to this day, four days later, my legs still hurt from the cramping. I will mend!

I took part in some job interviews this last week. Two interviews, one on Wednesday, and the last one on Thursday, and both were in the field of Criminology. One from government, and the other under a civilian umbrella organisation that specializes in international security. These positions were right in line with my degree, and I worked super hard to make sure that I had my paperwork and C.V. up-to-date and polished. I cannot really go into any details about the companies, or the positions (for obvious reasons), but I can say that corporations who do business abroad are now looking at the possibilities of dealing with more government regulations. In Canada, at the federal level, security and bi-lateral agreements with other trading blocks has opened up an a whole new field of bureaucracy pitted between government and business. This is a boon for Criminologists do to the nature of how security works now!

My eyes are getting worse faster than even my doctor predicted. Long story short: my glasses are getting thicker. I am waiting to have some corrective surgery, but the conditions for my eyes have to “level out” before that can start, or go ahead. My eyes are starting to bug me a lot now. Staring into a computer monitor is getting painful with just an hour of work, and I am taking eye drops eight times a day.

I was confronted with two fellows who wanted to sell me some home theatre goods: speakers, amplifier and a receiver. This was at the parking lot of Walmart/Best Buy stores in Langley City. They had a van loaded with goods, and the guy doing the selling had his I-pad/tablet with photo of all the items that they had for sale flashing on it. It was quite comical when I look back at that moment. The other guys, who said very little, had his forms on a clipboard, and was filling a list, quoting what the sales guy was spewing out to me.  I listened for a moment then said that I was not interested, and started to walk away. They followed me until I told them that I was not going to buy anything from them, and that they should not follow me. Eventually they got the hint.

I took their plate number, and wrote down all the information that I could remember from reading their forms, and phoned the police. The police were very interested in this, and asked if I would pay them a visit and give them more information of what happened. Yesterday afternoon I gave an officer my accounts from that event, and they thanked me, and off I went. It was suggested that these guys are known to police, and that the police have their eye on them.

So, that was the week. Exciting stuff eh? I am so happy that this weekend is a long one. I can sure use Monday off.

One Thought on “Catching Up: The Week In Review

  1. Oh I hope you get one of those jobs! I’ll be rooting for you!

    I can really relate to having bad eyes — only recently my terrible eyes took a turn for the better and I hope yours do too! (Re: the computer eye strain etc. — yellow tinted glasses may help.)

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