Reflecting on the Water

This morning I took some time, while on my home from doing my weekly trip to the laundromat, to stop along the side of the road and snap a few shots of the high water levels. Of course the sky was overcast, but that did not stop my from at least trying to get some good shots with what light I had. Also added to the adventure, there was a lot traffic on the road too. I was competing with some other photographers, and a group of about thirty cyclists, all on a narrow two lane country road. I was their first.

Fort Langley - West Creek 01 May 19 2013 sm image

Fort Langley - West Creek 02 May 19 2013 sm image

Fort Langley - West Creek 03 May 19 2013 sm image

We;;, that is it, for now. Waiting for tomorrow as the 91st May Day Parade will take place in Fort Langley. Here is hoping that the Sun will shine!

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