The May Day Parade in Fort Langley!

This year I decided to go to the Fort Langley Parade becuase it was not raining. I also had some friends to come a long too, so that made sitting there a whole lot better. We also had a great spot to sit, right in the middle of town, right by the ice cream shop on Glover Road. We brought our chairs and had curb-side seats.

OK, these are but just a very small sample of the photos I took today–totalling around 200. I think I might turn them into a gallery, and post them as a gallery page because there are just too many to post. I have so many favourites, that my head is dizzy from tying to decide what to post, and leave behind.

Fort Langley May Day Parade May 20 2013 01 sm image

This woman is awesome with her costume. These guys have been in just about every May Day parade going back ten years (that I can remember), and their costumes keep getting better and better.

Fort Langley May Day Parade May 20 2013 02 sm image

Yup, a traffic jam. I love these vintage cars.

Fort Langley May Day Parade May 20 2013 03 sm image

Funny, this same woman I posted on my blog, wearing that same costume, about five years ago.

Like I said, I took a ton of photos and will post them on my photo gallery page in the next couple of days. I may also create another post tomorrow with some other cool photos I took of the parade from today. Now to spend that last few hours of this long weekend getting ready for work tomorrow.

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