A Teaser of Photos From the MayDay Parade

Here is just a little teaser of ten photos that I uploaded of some shots of the 91st Fort Langley May Day Parade (May 20, 2013). I will probably have the entire album upload by this weekend. I have so many images to sift through, and already I am torn between several images of the same set becuase they are all so good. In total I have over 500 images from that whole day, including the parade itself.

Enjoy the sideshow!


You can also see the images in their full size here: Galley Number 31.

ADDED: May 23 2013

I added four more images to this gallery. If you viewed the slide show before today, just wait until it plays out, as the images are the last four of fourteen images. Let me know what you think of these images?

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