Hurt’n Back

I did something very foolish back on Wednesday; well two things really. I ate some bad food, and I hurt some muscles in my back from twisting and moving in an awkward position. Both of these events really hurt, and I was not able to do too much because of the pain, especially blogging. Today is the first time that I can sit in chair without cringing from the pain.

With the discovery of being lactose intolerant, eating some of my favourite foods has been a challenge. I love cheese, and eating it in my condition requires some preparation. Spontaneously going on a cheese eating spree means cramps like you would not believe. This was done on back Tuesday, and I thought I had all of bases covered, but I guess I over ate at the cheese table, and paid dearly.

So with the cramps, trying to work caused me to hurt my back. I was getting in and out of my vehicle when I felt my back give. When I got into the truck first thing Wednesday morning, I tried to do it so that the cramps would not hurt as much, but it caused me to over stretch my back, in the lower lumbar area, pulling a few muscles there. Getting in and out of a chair is where I get into the really bad pain sessions. Right now the cramps are all but gone, but my back is just starting to heal.

So that is my story for the last five days.

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