It Is Not Just a Leaf Out On the Deck

I had to post something this evening. I am board out of my mind. I am laid up becuase of a sore back, allergies, and a whole host of other issues, probably all related to old age and not looking after myself the way I should. So, here is a shot I took this morning of the bush that is slowly creeping towards my windows and patio. I thought it looks pretty cool, the endless mass of leaves, and it is close by, really easy to shoot from the doorway–yes, I am that sore.

Reading the Leafs May 25 2013

What is interesting about this plant is that it shoots off vines first that it uses to attach itself with before the branches form. This bush really travels along. I have already trimmed it back twice this year, and we are only five months into the year. I can see why the previous owners put a trellis beside it, as the vines and branches have already reached the top of it, about two metres high.

Well, anyway, my post for today.

One Thought on “It Is Not Just a Leaf Out On the Deck

  1. It can be helpful to appreciate things like nature when everything else seems to be going wrong! I hope things get better for you.

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