Last Day of Operations: Fort Laundromat and RV Trailer Park

My very last visit to the Fort Laundromat, as today is the very last that it will be in service. I guess today is also the very last for the people in the trailer park too, as they have to leave by tonight when the power is disconnected. So many changes, but I am glad it all worked out well for both the owners, and myself as I am setting up my own laundry facility here at home.

People who lived in the trailer park have also been leaving items to give away at the laundromat as they prepare to leave. This stuffed hound-dog doll was kind of cute. I figured it was worth a photo.

Well, I guess I better fold these garments becuase they will not fold themselves! LOL!

One Thought on “Last Day of Operations: Fort Laundromat and RV Trailer Park

  1. Aww, the dog is cute and half the fun was not knowing what kind of things people would leave on that laundry table for freebie giveaways. I once scooped a very ornate metal piece that I had no idea what it was, but liked it so it became an object d’art in my motor home.

    Yes, a big goodbye to the RV park and laundry and all of the people who lived there. I hope everyone goes onto a better life.

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