Vivid Dreams Resulting From Extreme Events

Last night I had the most vivid, real like, dramatic, mind-blowing dream that I have ever had in a very long time. I figure that last night’s episode was the result of  all the changes in my life, combined with the rich seafood I ate before going to bed. If I could have somehow captured it the way I dreamed it, I think I would have had a block-buster motion picture on my hands.

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The combination of changes to my sleep patterns, or changes to my scheduling, plus changes at my new work and with the new position are probably the main reasons for my massive nightmarish mind trip. On top of that, changing my sleep patterns, coupled with changing my sleeping arrangements (I get to sleep in my own bed again instead of sleeping on the sofa-bed), means that I got confused with I did a midnight trip to the bathroom last night and caught myself sort of lost for a moment fumbling for the light switch. Yes, a little embarrassing when you got to go, and the light switch somehow got moved out of place. I think my mind was trying to adjust, and as a consequence, these crazy dreams developed.

Also added the to causes of my extreme dream was the seafood that I ate the night before. This (I believe) resulting in the added stimulus of  causing so much action/drama/suspense in my dream-state–yes, there were guns, great battles, stuff getting blown to bits, and carnage everywhere (and there was a maiden that needed rescuing also) that I felt like I was there when I awoke. I know this becuase I have gone through this before when eating seafood like shrimp, clams and crab meat that I get these rather epic stories in my dreams that just seem to spontaneously go on, and on, and on, until I wake up.

I bet you are wondering what my dream was about, eh?

Well, to be honest, I cannot remember it, but only bits and pieces, but mostly how I felt when I woke up. This is probably for the best because I do remember at one point I was chasing giant moths and other types of flying insects. Then there was this penguin and man eating raspberry… so much weirdness. Yes, there was some romance too as I fell in love with the princess of the dragonfly people, and got myself into some pretty nasty trouble there. Just so much.

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Anyway, I am kinda hoping that I can relive some of that adventure in my dreams tonight. I have to admit, I felt great when I woke up, even thought my mind felt like oatmeal for the first part of today.

Here is to dreaming!

2 Thoughts on “Vivid Dreams Resulting From Extreme Events

  1. Lactose intolerant! Just a heads up, it runs in the family. How are you?
    It has been a while since I last visit your blog. Glad you are doing well, back pain and all.

  2. Julia, call me when you can. Good to see your comment here!

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