Alive – and Some Flower Shots

I am alive. My back is almost healed and working good, with little to no pain any more. It rained very little today, so I could work outside, getting stuff done. Also had time to snap a few shots of some new flowers that just popped up.

This orange flower is different from the other orange flower that had popped up last month, in that this one has a different arrangement of pollen things inside the flower, and a small ball shape centre to it at the bottom. Very weird arrangement.

Fort Langley  June Flower 02 June 1 2013 sm image

These flowers from the trellis, out behind my house, should look neat once they go into full bloom.

One Thought on “Alive – and Some Flower Shots

  1. The purple/pink one on the bottom is a Honey Sickle. It will come back year after year with little fuss. You will have to prune it sometime during the summer as it will get to heavy for the trellis. I have orange ones in my back yard. And to give you a heads up – Humming Birds love them. You will get a lot of opportunities to shoot them with a camera having a snack!!

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