Hanging Out – Laundry That Is

Yesterday was the inaugural first load of laundry with my newly purchased washing machine. I am happier than a, well…, pig with clean clothes! Feels great; my own laundry facility.

For All To See - My Laundry June 01 2013 sm image

I have access to a dryer, but I thought I would try and save a couple of loonies by hanging the clothes outside to dry them, then without burning electricity, adding to my electric bill. I live out in the country, so the laundry COPs and nosey neighbours never come by here–I am safe from them–so no risk of breaking any by-laws, (or getting caught). I waited for the Sun to make an appearance, then hung some laundry. Clothes smell awesome! No more treks to the laundromat – check my May 26 post on the closing of the Fort Laundromat.

2 Thoughts on “Hanging Out – Laundry That Is

  1. Hanging clothes outside to dry is a good idea and yes, they smell so fresh. If your jeans seem a bit crispy though, you could add some fabric softener to the wash load. (Sheri’s Laundry Tips lol 😀 )

  2. I have been using fabric softener? They are not too bad, but yes, they are “crispy,” LOL! At least the underwear feel great. 😳

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