The Eight Year Old Mind

A colleague came over for a visit, bringing along his family, wife and son, as he wanted me to help him with C.V. becuase wants to broaden his horizon and elevate his professional status. That is fancy talk for, he is desperately looking for work with better pay. Anyway, his son is at that bright young age where he is discovering art of “concepts” and “ideas,” and that ago old question “why” that now plagues his little mind. I had lots of fun engaging his ideas and stretching his understanding to the point that he retreated to his mother asking her to confirm his curiosity.

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Young Matt wanted to know why someone would want to live on an island out in the middle of nowhere, and think that this is so wonderful and cool. I explained that this is just an expression that people use to say that they are not happy with their lives, and that when life gets so busy, the lure of a deserted island, would be utopia.

He asks, “What is utopia”?

“Well, utopia is a mythical place that means everything is perfect, the perfect place to be.”

Mat’s eye light up, “Perfect, you mean no Mom and Dad, and School Bus”?

“Yup.” I said.

“Whoa, I want to move there!”

“Well you can’t.”

“Why not”?

“Because it is a mythical place. We call it Utopia because that is that perfect place, but sadly, there is no such place as the perfect place, we just like to think that there is.”

“Then Utopia is a stupid place….” and Mat leaves to find his mother.

Mat jumps onto his mother’s lap and says, “Mom, can we move to Utopia! Please, can we, I don’t like it here any more.”

“Utopia, I don’t know what you’re talking about…., go ask your father.” his mother pleads as she focuses reading the papers and forms we are going over.

“Dad, can we move to Utopia, please, please…can we.”

“Do you want to go to Play-Land instead”? Mat’s Dad says, with a wink.

“Yeah, can we go now…. Yay! as Mat runs outside getting himself ready to leave in the car.

Utopia means different things for different people at various time of their lives. As Mat will learn later on in his life, Utopia will always be unattainable no matter how hard he tries. But then again, Utopia is a state of mind, and perhaps Mat will master his desires and achieve that balance that could come close to being in Utopia.

The young mind.

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