Hot and Lazy – Equals Happy

I am glad the day turned for the better with lots of Sun and no uninvited guesses. I tried out the dryer that I got going in the well-house today, but it still needs to be cleaned out as the inside has so much rust in it. I moved my plastic storage bins from underneath the patio over to the awning part of my deck so that I can sort things inside them out. It had been so rainy for the last week that opening up this bins would have been a disaster. But best of all, I got to try out some new lenses that I might buy.


The day turned out great. This morning it was so cloudy and yet humid that I thought the weather office was pulling my leg when they said that the rest of the week will be sunny. Well, it turned out great; happy.

Tree Blossom With 300mm June 02 2013 sm image

I friend gave me some lenses to try out, and if I like them, I can buy them for a sweet deal. My friend is selling all of his Sony gear for another brand name camera company, which I will not name here, but he is jumping ship mainly to do with costs and availability as Sony is not a cheap brand. The above shot was taken with a Sony 300mm lens, that I really like, but it is not set up for a full frame camera. So, this is the shot using my Alpha 33 which has a tiny APS-C sensor inside of it.

Anyway, there is still lots of day left, and I have a friend coming over who is going to take over to Vancouver. Could be doing some parting! Yay, feeling like summer!

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