The Totally Unexpected Shot!

This shot was totally unexpected. This flower is the latest to bloom here at the flower bed outside my home, and so far, it is the most brilliant looking. When I first saw this plant, I thought it might of been a thistle, or oversized weed, but I thought I would leave it and let it grow. This is was good decision!

So tell me if you think that this is a cool shot, or not!

This is a shot of the inside part of the freshly opened flower as it bloomed this afternoon. This plant looks like it will have at least five flowers on it. Looking forward to all of them blooming, and getting some shot of them.

2 Thoughts on “The Totally Unexpected Shot!

  1. That is really cool! 😎

  2. Yeah, eh? A very colourful flower. It is really nice having that growing right beside my place. I hope there are more.

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