An Update on the Mystery Red Flower

I have identified, through some friends who are flower experts, that the red flower that I posted on my last post is a California Poppy flower. I took some more photos of that same flower because of the colours and changes that the plant has gone through, and they are quite significant. I also took a photo of the whole flower itself so you can see, and verify that my friend the flower expert is correct.

California Poppy June 6 2013 B sm image

I wanted to post this two days ago but my Internet Service Provider seems to be giving me poor, or less than good service, and as a result, my connection rates have been very poor, like less than 24kbs. At one point yesterday I had a super fast connection speed, but that only lasted for about an hour, then it went back to this less than 50-20 kbs service. I hope SHAW gets this sorted out—quickly–it is killing me. This is also why I could not edit out the spelling/grammar after I wanted to do a good proof read of this article (June 7, 2013).

Back to the flower. It seems that the people who originally planted this flower bed really love poppies. I believe that I have about three different verities of them. The most common ones are these orange ones that are popping up in the bunches of tens, roughly fifty plants in total.
Californa Poppy June 6 2013 A sm image

With all of this wonderful weather we are getting, the grass (or weeds) have overwhelmed me. My time is taken up with work, and other pressing matters, so mowing the lawn, and weeding, are deeds that I really need to focus on this up coming weekend. But, as like with the last two weekends, I fear my time maybe focusing (and side tracked by) onto different matters that always seem to developed right around on Fridays. Last weekend was the washing machine, and this weekend could be helping a friend with moving back to the Fraser Valley from the interior (of British Columbia). I also need to buy a lawnmower instead of using this weed trimmer that takes forever to cut grass with.

Let me know what you think of this flower, or more specifically, the photos?

2 Thoughts on “An Update on the Mystery Red Flower

  1. Your friend is right, it is a Poppy. I have them to. Neat plant!

  2. Well, they are a wonderful plant to photograph. Fantastic colours! Thanks for the comment JM!

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