Last Night’s Sunset – Some Photos of it.

I have some photos from last night’s drive up on Brander Road, in Abbotsford, BC, which is the next town East from me. I wanted to post them then, but I am still battle very poor service from my Internet Service Provider, Needless to say, I can upload faster than I download form off of the net, but I need to load the webpage first before I can upload to it. Kind of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” situation with my browser and the webpage. Well, anyway, I am a tad bit faster, but not by much, tonight. Here it goes.

In this photo you can see the silhouette of Vancouver,BC (to the left)  and city of Port Coquitlam (to the right), and the Port Mann bridge across the Fraser River. This is an amazing shot, done with my 200mm zoom lens!

Sunset Over Glen Valley June 8 2013 C sm image

The next shot is just more of the Fraser River, but showing the Sun Beams.

Sunset Over Glen Valley June 8 2013 A sm image

And lastly, the shot of Glen Valley, looking towards my place, off to the left of the shot.

Sunset Over Glen Valley June 8 2013 B sm image

It was a great sunset. Looking forward to capturing more this summer!

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