I Owe SHAW CABLE an Apology

I have to take this time to apologize to Shaw Cable for accusing them of providing poor service, when in fact it was a combination of damaged RG6 cables, and a broken router. I was upset about having such poor Internet speeds over the last ten days that I sent five emails, and Tweeted about how I was not getting any feedback or replies from SHAW CABLE. I was getting little to no connectivity, and it was driving me up the wall.

SHAW SPEED TEST - WITH BROKEN ROUTER Screenshot from 2013-06-10 19:06:27

Today I gabbed some RG6 cable from my work, and started testing all of my lines. I found that right where the line runs from the Cable Box (on the power pole), into the service room, the RG6 cable was hacked up from the lawnmower, and the coax was connected by a thread, laying in the soaked ground. Once I replaced the RG6, my single jumped up by 30db! But this still was very poor.

Next in line in the chain was my router, a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 Ghz. I unplugged it, and ran the Cable Modem straight into the back of my PC, and Voilà, the unit was broken, my PC lit up and a whopping speed-test, maxing out what my Internet Service Provider’s bandwidth provides me appeared! My router was toast.

I just did a Speed-Test and my download speed is over 22MBits, making me a happy camper, but angry at myself for letting this go on for so long.

Again, I apologize to SHAW CABLE. Their service is exemplary, and hold the responsibility of NOT maintaining my own equipment as to problem.

2 Thoughts on “I Owe SHAW CABLE an Apology

  1. Tom,

    Try your speed on http://www.speedtest.net , not on Shaw intranet.
    Hope is the same speed.

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