New (used) Lens: Sigma 28-300mm

It arrived, yesterday, by Canada Post, all the way from somewhere in Texas, U.S.A., ordered online through Ebay. I am happy with it after worrying that it would not be one hundred percent compatible with my cameras. It worked right out of box, and although it is not the best lens I own, it does have the largest focal length off all of them. This Sigma 26-300mm 2.5-6.3 DL zoom lens is in really great condition considering that it is over ten years old. And from what I can gather on this make and model, production of this lens stopped in 2006.

So, what can this lens do?

Above, a shot of the Fraser River from Marina Park in Fort Langley, with the lens at 28mm. Below, same shot, but with the lens zoommed out at 300mm.

The lens works perfectly with my Sony Alpha 33, and 77, and is compatible with the A99 (full frame), but I have no tried it yet.

The lens is slow as far as the AF (Auto Focus) goes. And with my A33, the lens is a bit temperamental, some times taking forever to focus. Wide open, the lens good, 7/10 rating, but as soon as you zoom in on a scene, light becomes an issue–this is a sunshine loving lens.

Between tracking objects, like birds and people doing sports, this lens misses a lot of good shots due to a very slow AF motor. It is a great travel lens, but NOT a professional lens by any means. The AF tries to keep up with continuous shooting, but you might as well turn it off, or focus manually and hope for the best. For the money I paid for it, I am not complaining, the lens works. If I were shooting another parade, then this lens would be my choice.

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