Oh the Dew You Do, Say I Do Too

This morning after a long week of work and playing catchup with other things going on in my life, I finally had a chance to get up walk around the block, and be shackle free of any appointments and deadlines, just wonder around and soak up the moment. Sleeping in only meant waking up at 7:30am, something that I wanted to slip further into the day, say 8:00am, or 9:00am, but my body would not allow it. The Sun was unobstructed from any clouds today, making the morning very bright, so sleeping in late was not going to happen. Also, all of last week the days were very cloudy, making the days cool and damp, and the nights filled with rainy periods, sometimes downpours that lasted only an hour, but filled the ditches up with water very fast.

So here are some shots I took early this morning during my little walk around the field and flowerbed.

Dew On the California Poppy June 15 2013 sm image

Dew On the Orange Poppy June 15 2013 sm image

Dew On the Leaves June 15 2013 sm image

Today I have to catch up on laundry, yard work and at one points do a tune up on my Pathfinder. Oh well, as long as the Sun stays out, or keeps on shining, I will be happy, and these chores should be done without too much procrastination.

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