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Over the last while I have been taking shots with my new (used) Sigma 28-300 lens that I bought on-line. Using the 300mm end of the zoom lens has its challenges, but one out of every ten shots seems to be worthy to post, or keep. So, these shots have been taken from June 11, until the 13th when I took a drive out to Glen Valley (264th Street) area, shooting stuff up in the sky.

Aircraft Over Vancouver June 13 2013 sm image

The above shot has three aircraft in it. It can be seen in more easily in a larger size of this image, but it is the clouds that really got me with this shot, they look really awesome.

Crow - June 11 2013 sm image

This (above) is from the very first batch of shots I took once I first got the Sigma lens in my hot little hands. I shot this in manual mode. It took a while to get the hang of this new lens, never really working with a 300mm zoom before without a tripod.

Freaky Looking Aircraft - Fort Langley BC June 13 2013 sm image

Above, a weird looking aircraft. Looking at it from this view, I wondered if this thing was some sort of experimental air plane, but from my sources, it is not. It seems to have handled nicely in the air. This aircraft was part of a small squadron of aircraft that were taking off from Langley Airport, and heading over to (towards) Vancouver.

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