Le Pommier (The Apple Tree)

It is now confirmed: I have an apple tree beside my home. It is a young tree, about ten years old, or perhaps younger, but it is showing lots of apples for its size. Now, I do not know what type of apples this tree will give becuase the apples are small and green in colour, but I am hoping that they are something like the Red Spartan, or Red Delicious, or even Fuji Apples, as I am not much of a fanatic about green apples.

Apple Tree June 16 2013 sm image

The best part about this tree is where it is located. I can reach out my bedroom window and grab the nearest branch, which has about ten apples on it! talk about a fresh midnight snack without having to leave, or get out of bed, eh?

Apple Tree June 15 2013 sm image

Right now these apples are about two to four cementers in diameter, still a long ways from being a good bite size fruit. I figure in about two months these should be good for picking. I am just hoping that the bugs, kids and other pesky intruders do not get to them before I do!

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