Getting Paid for Photography – Is So Sweet

Yes, I managed to step onto a really sweet photo gig on Monday, shooting product images for ads and on-line websites for a local company who sells electronics. It was totally unexpected, and it meant working well into the night, but it was fun and a really great experience. Then on Wednesday, my day job, I was asked to shoot photos of the office and some of the stuff that we do there, and post them up to their website too.

Head Gear Styro Girls June 19 2013 sm image

The above photo was just me fooling around, doing some artsy shots that I thought were cool at the time. The majority of shots that I did are for online selling websites where this company wants to sell its goods, (the Monday shoot). Normally they use just a simple point and shoot camera, but they then realized that quality and lighting of the images were super important when printing ad flyers and online PDFs. You cannot get professional looking images with a cheap camera, especially with a point and shoot camera.

The Monday shoot, I used my portable speed lights with soft-box, three in total, plus a couple of bedsheets as the background, or backdrop. I took over 500 shots for over 200 items in less than three hours. It was a good work out. I used my 80mm Sony portrait lens for most of the work, and some shots I used my 30mm Macro lens, for those really tiny objects, getting details close-ups.

Fake Food - Real Plastic June 19 2013 sm image

This photo (above) is a display set-up of plastic food from my day job I took on Wednesday. I have to admit that it looks very realistic, and it fools people when they see it for the first time. I really wanted to get a shot of this.

Most of the objects I shot were basic electronics, like stereos, speakers, cables, but there was truck engine, and other automotive parts like tires, and a trailer hitch and lights, so I was shooting stuff from the size of a penny, up to the size of a full size bed.

So being in the right place at the right time with my gear paid off! I think I might be sleeping with my camera from now on!

One Thought on “Getting Paid for Photography – Is So Sweet

  1. What? The cake and strawberries are plastic? They don’t look like it at all. The photos are all great. Congrats on your freelance gigs. Yes, in my experience, freelancing can be a lifesaver! When I lost my full time marketing job (the company ended up going out of business), I was soooo glad I had been freelancing on the side as at least I had that and was able to expand it. Now, my 8 years of freelancing has allowed me to try other writing fields — books. (scary but awesome)

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