Summer? Keeping the Fingers Crossed That It Will Start Soon.

Well, so far the start of summer is off to a dismal start. It was so dark this afternoon from all of the storm clouds that I had my lights on around 5:30 this afternoon, and I drove to work with them on around 7:30am. It was so cool that I had turn on my furnace because of it. The rain, at times, was so hard that going outside was (and still) just out of the question. I am left with the feeling that the start to summer might be delayed for a little while longer. Heck, the way this year has been going, summer might not start until August!

Thomasso Summer June 20 2013 sm image

Well, for what it is worth, happy Summer Solstice, which actually starts around 10:04pm tonight here on the West Coast of Canada. May summer (really) start today, and may the rain storms, the coldness and  the lack of sunlight end first thing tomorrow morning! Actually, the weather website says rain right until next week–but there is always hope that the weather people got it wrong.

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