Giving the Robin Something To Do–Now That It Is Summer

A friend told me that if I wanted to stop, or reduce, the number of Robin attacks on my windows that I should set up a mirror away from the house, but still close enough so that the offending Robin would focus on the mirror rather than my windows. So, I did, and it worked. Now, it is hard to say whether I just stuck it out long enough that the Robin’s testosterone level declined, and he is back to normal, or the mirror trick really worked, but I have not had an attack from the Robin in over a week. That is not to say that I did catch him perched in front of the mirror outside as he just stared at himself–this was four days ago, and I know the eggs have hatched.

Robin June 20 2013 sm image

This Robin is very clever. He knows when I am around. Like today, I wanted to get a photo of him. He knew when to fly away, as he always watches me; when ever I do not have my camera with me, he hangs around like a stray cat looking for some attention, but as soon as I grab my camera, poof, he is gone, up in the trees where I cannot shoot him (with the camera).

I also believe that his wife kicked out. I have not seen her, assuming that she is tending to her chicks. The nest is sitting just out of sight of visual contact, but I know where it is. Up until last week, when ever I stood underneath it, he would fly from branch to branch in the tree so that I would focus on him instead of the nest.

Well, anyway, it is nice not hearing the thumping and scratch sound of the Robin crashing into my bedroom windows at the crack of dawn. I guess this is it until next spring.

2 Thoughts on “Giving the Robin Something To Do–Now That It Is Summer

  1. We had a robin doing this too — on the high window above the front door. The dogs would bark every time too, for added noise. I’m glad our robin has finally flown off somewhere too!

  2. Well, I’m hoping that once the chicks have hatched and they leave the nest, so will the rest of the Robin family. The mirror (out at the end of driveway) trick seems to be working most of the time. Even as I type this out, he is happily beating himself up on it. 😆

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