The Kluts karaoke Klan

Imagine, you just got home form work, and it had been a very long day. You are tired, you had just worked a ten hour shift, plus you have home work, a paper from your second year Statistics Class that is due at the end of the week. It is nine at night and you are ready to grab something to eat, read for a little while before you head off to bed, and hopefully a night of peace and quiet. Right at that moment, you hear the sounds of what seems Wales singing at full volume, the sound of what I imagine a thousand banshee scrememing hell bats would sound like, all of this blasting from outside your bedroom window.

The Evil Lady Sings June 20 2013 sm image

You sit there for a moment, stunted, and you cannot believe that this is happening–again. Your next door neighbour has started practising her Karaoke along with your other neighbour. The sound of their scratching voices, compounded with the reverb effect cranked to maximum, and their public address system aimed right your window from off of their patio deck.

It was seven years ago today that I broke down and invited the RCMP to pay me a visit. I will not go into any details of what it took to persuade the RCMP to come down and administer the law, but they came, and they quickly took action once they heard the noise. They did what the Langley Township By-law Officers would not do, and that was to put an end to the noise, and partying, once and for all. It was an awesome moment to watch the police haul the offenders off to jail because the ladies threw beer all over the officer. It was also awesome to watch the police wrestle one of the husbands down to the ground has he threaten one officer with a glass that he was about to throw at her. To think that these people were in their mid sixties, and they acted like this! I was so happy when the landlord kick them out. Good ridden to bad trash!

Yup, seven years ago today. I am so happy I live where I am now (no neighbours)!

2 Thoughts on “The Kluts karaoke Klan

  1. LOL I don’t think you ever told me about this! The LOL is for now, not what you went through then. How ignorant is it to do karoke at 9pm in a trailer park with people living a few feet away from you? I’m glad you’re in a better place now.

  2. Really, I thought I told you about the evil neighbour I have in Site #6 when you were having problems with Subject #10? LOL 🙄

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