A Little Program Called Pencil-Animation

I decided to down load and try this little 2D animation program called Pencil today. I had lots of time to kill this morning as I was doing my laundry, and could not leave the house becuase I had to keep an eye on it. So, waiting around, I stayed at the computer searching for interesting things to do while waiting for the laundry to go through its things, and I came across Pencil.

Run Awat thomass O

First animation, above, that took me about twenty minutes to complete from start to finish. I saved the frames as images, and then used ImageMagick to convert these into a GIF file.

Pencil is very simple 2D program that can load and run on Linux and other popular operating systems. It does not have much to offer in the way of animation and drawing tools, but you have what you need to do some clever straight forward animations.It is this simplicity and light programming that gives it it’s charm. It was fast to learn, and worked right out of the box.

Check it out for yourself!   PENCIL

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