Doing the Night Owl Photgraphy Post

I know, I am nuts, it is almost 2:00am and I am just finishing off the last of the photos I just shot over in town and Glen Valley. I just quickly took three shots from the Moon and landscape sets from a few minutes ago, doing long exposure under the full moon. The night was awesome, more that what I expected. The Moon, clouds, light, all were awesome to shoot; almost the perfect conditions. Not one mosquito too! So, with out further ado.

Night Shots Fort Lanlgey June 23 2013 B sm image

Night Shots Fort Langley June 23 2013 A sm image

Moon - Fort Langley June 23 2013 sm image

There, now I can go to bed. Nighty-night!

Just added one more shot from this shoot.

Fog in Glen Valley Under the Moon June 23 2013 sm image

The fog is awesome in this shot! Remember that this is all lit up by the Moon!

2 Thoughts on “Doing the Night Owl Photgraphy Post

  1. The top image is so amazing with the mist and clouds! I wish you had these for sale as digital images and prints.

  2. Wow, the highest complement! Thank you! :mrgreen:

    I am happy that you like. If you want it, we can talk more about that.

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