First Sunset Photos of Summer 2013!

An unexpected turn of events happened today here in Fort Langley / Glen Valley, the clouds parted, and for the rest of the day we had unobstructed Sun! So, since this is somewhat the first full day of summer, so a sunset shot was in order. OK, a lot of sunset shots were in order: 72 of them, including the hot air balloon and Super Moon over Mount Baker.

I headed out to the lookout point on Brander Road in Abbotsford, BC when I could get a full valley shot, looking over Fort Langley, and towards Vancouver. Now that I have the 28 to 300mm zoom lens, the 300mm shots should look awesome. So, here are some of them with that lens.

Hot Air Balloon Over Glen Valley - Sun Set June 22 2013 sm image

Sunset - - Abbotsford BC June 22 2013 sm image

And since today is also the full moon, which is also known as the Super Moon becuase it is closer to the Earth than normally when full, I got some shots it too. I was at the right location to have the top of Mount Baker right underneath the moon too.

Super Moon Over Mt Baker June 22 2013 sm image

Moon - super moon - 300mm June 22 2013 sm image

Tomorrow is suppose to be like this too. I may get out and do some early morning shooting too. And none of these images were cropped, but I did shoot each one in RAW, and converted them into a PNG file.

I think summer has started! Yay!

2 Thoughts on “First Sunset Photos of Summer 2013!

  1. These are very nice! My favourite is the second one.

  2. Yeah. The second one is my favourite to!

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