Pop Goes My Balloon: Left Over Photographs

I have over ten thousand photographs now that I have saved under the category of “good” that have been accumulated from three different cameras over the last three years. With so many photos, and no doubt more to come, getting through all of them maybe beyond my idea of a good time on the Friday night, but some images are good, and a few are excellent, it is just a matter of having the patients (and energy) to commit to the post editing process that is required for each photo. What I like to do is post what I feel are the good ones, usually on the same day that I took them, and just store the rest for a rainy day. Well, here are two rainy day photos, one from a couple of weeks ago, and the other from the last Saturday batch of shots I took while out at the East end of Glen Valley.

Hot Air Ballooning June 23 2013 sm image

By the way, this is almost the exact same spot that I stood at when shooting the full Moon shots that same night. These people where the crew of the hot air balloon as it had landed, and they were moving it closer to the road where the balloon truck was waiting to pick it up with the passengers up.

At one point in my blogging career, I was concerned that I would run out of the ideas and images to post. In fact, the opposite has happened. I bet you that I could stop taking photographs for a year right now, and I would be able to at least post one post everyday, with a fresh photograph and idea. When you break it down, 365 posts if nothing! Usually on weekends I post up to six times in a seventy-two hour period.

Prity Pink Flowers June 21 2013 sm image

These pink flowers were shot at my work. Again, I took several shots from various positions, this one was simple and well contrast in my opinion, plus I like the composition. Most photography teachers say never layout your composition with criss-cross diagonal leading lines, well, this shot seems to work well.

So I hope you enjoy these two photos. Leave me some feedback, and tell me what you think. Cheers.

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