No One Ever Promised Me a Rose Garden

No one ever promised me a rose garden, but when you inherit one, well, that is an entirely efferent story all together, is it not? The plants that have been up until now just bushes are to pop out roses. I seem to have two types, ones with thorns, and ones with out thorns that look more like the storybook roses that I see in flower shops. And just like the Poppy flowers, wish have long since withered away, the roses all sprouted right at the summer solstice. This is awesome that the best day of the year in the Northern hemisphere is marked with roses blooming.

ROSE 03 June 25 2013 sm image

The next two shots are of the same flower (as I only have the one so far) but I took them from different positions. There was a moment when the Sun pocked through the clouds, so I rushed inside to grabbed the camera, and started shooting it. It was perfect becuase there was fresh rain on the flower – everyone seems to love that water droplets effect on flowers – so I have lots are raindrops here.

ROSE 02 June 25 2013 sm image

ROSE 01 June 25 2013 sm image

So, here it is, to the rose. I was never promised a rose garden! LOL

2 Thoughts on “No One Ever Promised Me a Rose Garden

  1. Good!!! You inherited a rose garden too!

  2. Yup. Now I’m just waiting for the mosquito population to explode once all of the flowers have bloomed, and it stops raining. 😛

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