They Are Here: And They Only Want Your Blood

Well, time has come to past, the season of swatting, itching, spraying and hiding is now, and already the ambushing little blood suckers are reeking havoc among the warm blooded life that dares roam outside – unprotected. Mosquitoes have started their uprising and are now ruling the spaces outside. Dare to challenge them, then you pay the price, with your blood!

Fly Sucking Blood by Thomasso June 27 2013

My only protection are good quality fine mesh screens on every window and doorway, and when outside, loads and loads of mosquito repellent, mainly a wonderful chemical called DEET.  Failure of anyone of these items will lead to lots and lots of itching, and very uncomfortable nights of sleep.

I guess with all of the rain, the water ways are extra full/high this year, making for the perfect breeding grounds for these little insects.

About the animation. I used a program called Pencil, which is free and works very well with Ubuntu (LINUX). It is a very simple program both in terms of it’s interface and usage, almost super basic, and incredibly stable compared to other animation programs that I have used. The above animation took me less than 15 minutes to create and finish.

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