Why Do You Have a Camera Flash Out In the Middle of the Day?

I was doing some fancy flower shooting down by the lower end of the field where I live.  There, these neat looking flower bushes grow, but they are surrounded by huge trees, and the light there is often undesirable throughout most of the day, so I bought along my Speed-light. I figured that I could at least get some good accented shots with it than the dim, super high ISO shots that I have been getting in the past.

This shot was one of the first I took with my set-up. I love the settings that I get becuase I can blackout most of the background like this. I just put the camera in A priority, and my Speed-Light on TTL, with my camera set to wireless, and away I go.

Shooting With a Speedlight June 29 2013 sm image

I was totally focused on getting these shots when a tractor pulls up beside me. Still shooting my camera, I hear this voice say, “Why are using a flash-bulb when you have lots of light.”

I replied, “The flash just adds a little extra effect to the shot.”

“Oh, heck, my camera does all right. Maybe you should buy a better camera.” the farmer says.

“Thanks for the advice, but this one will do quite nicely.” I answered back to him. Then after about a very long minute, the tractor lurches forward, and drives off down the road.

Anyway, the shots turned out awesome. And yes, this was taken when there was lots of Sun light, but I would not have gotten the crispness and contrast that I was looking for.

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