Today’s Hight Temp Here At My Place

Just thought I would throw this post out there. This is the official record high temperature here at Thomasso H.Q. And I heard a rumour that tomorrow could get even hotter. Yes, hotter, but by how much, who knows.

Feeling the Burn Baby - In Fort Langley BC Canada - June 30 2013 sm image

Above: 34C as of 4:00pm today, June 30 2013, taken from the patio window.

Because I live a fare ways inland from Vancouver, BC, our temperatures are always a little bit warmer than what they record on their weather bulletins. Vancouver is saying 28C out on the water at YVR (Vancouver International Airport) we can adds a couple of extra degrees just being so far inland. Hey, if you go further inland, Eastward, those guys may see temperature well over 40C in their valleys! I think we have to beat either 44C, or 47C to beat the all time high for British Columbia.

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