Yay, My Order of Heat Finally Arrived!

A wonderful day out here on the farm. The Sun is shinning, and the ambient air temperature is already hovering around 28C, supposedly climbing up to 32C by today’s peak. Ice cubes seem to be the hot commodity as sipping ice tea is just what the doctor ordered on a day like today. There is even a bunny rabbit chewing on grass over in the unmowed lawn.

Light Spectrum June 30 2013 sm image

The weather prognosticators are saying that we may see a heatwave this week! Wow, a heatwave, setting a possible record for the Canada Day long weekend. How cool is that (pardon the pun).

Today is without it’s drawbacks. I have no water because the well pump is out of commission. Seems to be too much silt in the well and the pump’s sand-point keeps getting clogged. My major gripe about this is that today is normally laundry day for me, and now that I have my own washing machine, my stinky clothes are staying unwashed until the well starts pumping water again. Worst  case scenario would be me going out to the laundromat tonight–that would suck.

Ice cubes – I think I will grab some more for my ice tea! Enjoy the heat!

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