Just In Time to Start the Work Week – And a Love Story

It has been a crazy week these past few days. I really did not get much of an weekend, spending most of it working, playing catchup with the mountain of things that needed to be done, and helping those who needed my help. Most id this I was willing to do, but there one chore that I damn well rebelled about, but went into it with resistance, and the unwillingness to do it–working a sixth day when I was not absolutely necessary. Among the  activities I performed these last few days, I came across an interesting situation that I am still pondering about at this very moment: watching young love go down the toilet.

Catch My Love - Thomasso - June 30 2013

When I was in Langley City, on my way home from work, when I came across a friend who I have known for many years at the store. He has a daughter, who was not in the best of moods when I met them, and they had just gotten back into town. My friend told me the story of how his daughter came to know this charming young boy, and they began to form a serious relationship, and their friendship grew even more serious. Her boy friend had a little problem: he like to take things that were not his. In fact, this young boy was such a persistent criminal that he was very well known to the RCMP. My friend just happened to work with the RCMP, and using his connections, he went  to do a little background check-up on this charming young boy.

A week ago, my friend sat down with his daughter to explain to her who this charming young boy that she fell in love with was. She was furious, not that her boy friend was a criminal, but that her father had done such a thing, “creeping her out.” She ran off, mad, and the following day, she decided that she would confront her boy friend about all of this nonsenses that her father had told her. We figured that she got a totally different story from the charming young boy, becuase they decided to drive off to Kelowna, British Columbia to run away and stay with the charming young boy’s friends who lived there.  It took her two days to realizes that her charming young boy friend was not all that cracked up to be, and she asked her father to help her go home. This is the point in the story when I met them.

This “love” is really amazing; makes people do the craziest things.

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