Yes, It Is Monday, and for Some, Tuesday Just Has to be Better

Going through my emails, I came upon some chatter about what was going on at my work in Surrey, BC (Canada, not Great Britain). I have been gone, working on another project, so I have been out of the loop with the office for sometime with the folks over at Surrey. Instead, I have been focusing my time with the Langley job, which I also currently hold, working with them as the hours there are starting to return to normal. Yes, I am busy.

Anyway, the email, the first of many, went like this:The Header: The Grumblings at Work

Internet is down at work. Everything has come to a complete stop, but I have partial email through our off site account with Richmond, BC, so I am able to do somethings. The rest of the staff who use POP3 and SMTP for their email, they are completely shut off.

None of us cannot access through the world wide web, or any software that is on our local network/server. If we needed to create, or print off an invoice, we cannot. The connections are good, and the hardware seems to be functioning perfectly, but the software settings are wrong and are preventing us to connect through the DNS. We are all connect through the server; however, I already had to take a laptop into the server room to download some files from off the Internet connecting right into the router–bypassing the server.

I could go on and on about all of the problems, and worse, question the people who are directly involved with this mess, but I will not.

Having laughed my myself onto the floor, I started going through some more emails, reading down the thread, and came upon this entry.

OK, leaving the server room for a lunch break. Hoping that the hamster will self-fix the server DNS and remote off, plus the exercise wheel and all. If I catch anyone screwing with the hamster wheel, you are on report. DO NOT SHUT THE HAMSTER OFF.

I should point out that the main office server is named Harry aka, Harry the Hamster. Then I skipped to this part:

Hamster down. Someone has been feeding it Mal Ware!!!! How many times have I told you people not to download $^#%@$# like this. Harry has more viruses and worms than road kill lunch eaten by a crack addict on 120 st.! This is ridiculous!

Then the last entry:

Harry is up. It is now 7:45pm (Sat) and we are going home. When you guys log onto your workstations, remember that you MUST log on using the Alt-Shift-Delete method. I know, but I am sorry for this. When we upgraded to Win8, the whole System crashed, so we are devolving the system back to June 30 status. Follow these instructions for logging into the following software….. blah blah blah… OK, last point–DO NOT USE YOUR WORK STATION FOR PERSONAL USE, LIKE PLAYING MINECRAFT, FARM#^$@@#%, and other $&*^*^. Harry is still in a weaken state and I have several system files under quarantine. Please guys, this is work, lets make some money and be honest about it!

That being said, I am glad I was not in today. Apparently it was chaos as many were without fully working workstations. Oh the joys of computers, and the world wide web we weave!


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