A Filler Post – Two Photos of a Red Flower

I have been super busy, as you can tell with the absent of posts since Monday. So, to fill the void until I get some time to properly write. So here are some shots of this new blossoming flower right by my patio to keep the site active.

The Red Flower 02 July 9 2013 sm image

I should have about thirty of these plants blossoming. Sadly, I chopped a lot of these because I thought they were weeds back in May. I did not know.

The Red Flower 01 July 9 2013 sm image

I shot these images with my 30mm Macro lens on a Sony A77.

Hopefully I will have time to write by tomorrow, throughout the weekend. I have so much to write about, I am taking notes on all the topics I want to cover, so I will not forget any of it.

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