The Birds and Flowers Photo Post.

Just a quick post on some shots I took over the last few days. Still super busy with work and doing summer activities, so soon, I will get more time to post. I have so much to tell, but need time to tell it. On with the photos!

Blue Flowers July 15 2013 sm image


Flower Shot 01 July 8 2013 sm image

and now for the birds.

Humming Bird at Glen Valley July 15 2013 sm image

And the last one, the humming bird is not humming, but resting.

Humming Bird at Glen Valley July 15 2013 b sm image

I finally caught the humming bird outside when I had my camera with me. He (the humming bird) did not mind that I got really close to him and started shooting. He was more interested with collecting nectar from the these really neat looking red flowers that are growing right beside my bedroom window than with me shooting him with my camera. I wish I had better light to capture his wings with a fast shutter speed–something I will work on.

One Thought on “The Birds and Flowers Photo Post.

  1. Wow, such beautiful flowers, they are such lovely soft and bright summery colours, very refreshing for the eyes 🙂
    The hummingbird shots should win awards!! They are absolutely fantastic!!

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