Photo 9999

I was always curious about what happens to a camera when its counter reaches its “photo numbering” limit, or what that might be. I knew I was close with this camera (my Sony A33) which I bought back in November of 2011, so I wanted to mark, and celebrate the moment the camera’s counter resets itself back to “0000.” So, first, here is that magical photo, which I will call DSC09999.

Photo Number DSC09999 sm image July 20 2013

What happened when the number rolled over back to the start? Well, it did not do what I expected it would do, and that is, go back to zero. In fact, I thought I would see it climb up to “99,999” instead of ten thousand, like it did. The camera did not even go to zero, instead it just jumped to image number “0001,” which I knew happened to other camera manufactures like Canon and Nikon, but I was hoping Sony would be different.

I bought the Sony A33 back in November of 2011, you can see my review post here: Reviews of my Camera: the Sony A33, on December 13, 2013. I was pretty impressed with it then, as that was my great step up into a DSLR world of photography, albeit the camera was cheap and came with a bunch of issues, but I still shoot with it to this day. The A33 is more or less my back up camera. I find it is better to keep two cameras with me, so when I need a different lens, I just simply switch cameras. The Sony A77 I mainly shoot with today is more of a semi-professional camera, and is awesome for fast street photography, and studio work. Like today, I kept my 28 to 300mm zoom on my A33 and my 55mm prime on my A77, and just switched back and forth as I needed to.

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