Saying “Au Revoir” to the Old Fort Langley Hardware Store

It appearers that the old hardware store in Fort Langley is in its last stages of demolition. There is not much left standing of the old structure except for the concrete brick walls and some wooded framing, so I figure there is about a week left before we will see a completely bare lot along Glover Road.

I chose to shoot in black and white becuase that is how I remembered the old store. The look and feel of this type of photography has its place for me when shooing old buildings and architecture like this location. You think differently when making your shots in black and white, I argue that it is a totally different set of rules because you only have three colours to work with.

Fort Langley BC Hardware Store 01 July 20 2013 sm image

Fort Langley BC Hardware Store 02 July 20 2013 sm image

Fort Langley BC Hardware Store 03 July 20 2013 sm image

And lastly, another shot, still in the black and white frame of mind, is a cute shot that I took along Church Street of a Car, Cyclist and Pedestrian, all passed me at the time, but I waited for them to move far enough ahead of me to take this shot. Again, the black and white effect expresses a different impression about scenes and landscapes that I like.

Modes of Transportation in Fort Langley BC July 2013 sm image

Hummmm, I wonder if it is my age that makes me appreciate black and white shots like these? This is sort of a new thing for me in photography. Happy shooting everyone!

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