The Nest

It is almost time to reveal the nest and its location. I have known about it, and its location from almost the beginning since it was built, but I wanted to things quiet because of where the nest is, and of course the chicks who live there. Yes, the nasty Robins who pounded and scratch at my windows, and left bird pooh all over the place, have literally built their nest within touching distance from my front door, right on the patio deck! The nest is well hidden, but it is now obvious as the parents are feeding the chicks just about every hour, on hour now, except when it is mid afternoon when it is really hot.

Robin Chicks in Fort Langley -  July 22 2013 sm image

I took this photo during mid afternoon when it was screaming hot out. I notice that the parents do not come near the nest for at least 4 hours during the hottest time of day. I used a 30mm Macro lens – something small to fit in the bush without waking them in the nest.

I have to admit, building the nest so close to my front door was brilliant on the Robin’s behalf becuase not to many predictors would venture to closely on the patio deck. Also, there are no bird droppings anywhere near the nest, which is cool becuase that was my first worry, so I am glad that at least the birds keep their area clean. Imagine if I own a Cat?

I leave them alone as much as I can. The chicks are about 4 (or 5) weeks old now, and they are getting more and more active. The parents always fly off when I am coming home or leaving, so I do not want to disturb the feed time. Every time I walk near them, the parents fly off, making lots squawking noises, like they are obviously pissed off, but eventually return to carry on with the feeding.

Mumy Robin Feed the Chicks July 17 2013 sm image

This is the mother during feeding time back on July 17, 2013. She looks pretty wore-out, and is a lot smaller then the Dad Robin. The good news is, both parents are feeding the chicks. I guess Robins too form pare-bond relationships and share some of the childrearing responsibilities. I just wonder how many of the chicks are actually his? LOL!

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