Working in My Studio Today

This morning I did a three hour long shoot with a lovely young model, Liz, who wanted some photos of herself for a photo book she is creating, and for a possible website that she wants to build. The theme was semi-retro with a tint of 2000 fashion style. I tried to convince her to allow me to post some of the shots here on my webblog, but she is modest, and still unsure if she is ready to put her face out into the public and cyberspace. Her husband was here also, but he was totally not the photographing type, as he just hated getting even near the camera. This was too bad because they are a very good looking couple.

So, at the end of the shoot I got her to shoot my camera because she was very interested in photography herself.

Letting the Model Shoot Me Aug 03 2013 Thomasso image

The first thing she did was point the camera at me. This sort of defeated the idea of having the pocket-wizard on the camera because each time she pressed the shutter button, all of the flashes went off behind her as I was standing at the back of the room. So I switched off the strobes, and she directed me to stand by the window and pose. The above image was the one Liz chose as her favourite shot. Not a bad shot for just using natural light and a 80mm portrait lens on a Sony A77.

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