Found the Source: Such Wonderful Fragrance

I took a walk down to the lower end of the farm because I wanted to shoot some rabbits (with my camera). All week I have been noticing this wonderful odor, and I knew it was a flower, and I smelt before, but I never bothered to search for the source of it.  When I got to spot where I spotted the small rabbit, the odor was all around me–super strong. So I started looking for what could be causing the fragrance.

Stinky Flower July 29 2013 thomasso

There they were, an entire bush full of these these long, purplelish flowers, standing up to 2 metres tall. When I took a sniff, my nose almost jumped from off of my face, and my nostrils closed, the scent was so strong. From a distance, the aroma is wonderful, the fragrance delightful, but too much it makes me gag.

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