Shooting the Milkyway

It is very late (or early) right now. It is about 2:00am on this find Monday, and I have been shooting since 11:00pm Sunday night. I just finished the post editing of my, so far, best shots of the stars and landscape, so I am pretty tired. I took about 70 shots, all of them long exposure shots, ranging from 10 seconds to 30, depending on what lens I used and what I was shooting. Here are four shots that I think are very nice, and I should stress that I only put a little bit of effort into the post editing. All of these shots have one thing in common–I tried to get the Milkyway Galaxy in them by using my 14mm lens.

The Milkyway Galaxy

Glen Valley looking South with the Milkyway almost vertical.

In the above shot, it was too bad that was clouds in sky because almost in the centre you can see the Milyway as “cloud looking” here too. The small image does it no justice–as it looks really nice in a 6000 x 4000 size.

Milkyway Aug 5 2013 Thomasso 03 image

The above shot is one of my favourite shots as you can really see the detail of the centre of our galaxy, the Milkyway.

Milkyway Aug 5 2013 Thomasso 04 image

The above shot unfortunately had some clouds in the way, so I had to play around with the colour and filtering to make out the details of the stars, and dark patches of the Milkyway.

Again, keep in mind that all of these shot were done using my 14mm lens, with exposure ranging from 10 second to 30seconds.

OKay, now I’m going to sleep. Let me know what you think of my night sky photos?

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